De-Stress the House-Hunting Process

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tips for Positively Involving Your Blended Family

By Vicki Harvey, Realtor

You’ve taken the proverbial plunge—and it’s not your first time: you have two families that will now become one.

And this may be the time to seriously consider buying a new home.

Moving two families into a new home can be expensive, but it can be worth the expense if it creates a more harmonious living situation for all.  A new home can mean no one will feel like an outsider because no territories have been pre-established, and everyone gets a fresh start. 

While this may sound like a happy ending, moving can still be stressful for everyone.  By making the process inclusive and fun, you will be more likely to gain emotional buy-in to the whole idea of moving. Here are three tips for lessening the stress:

Tip 1: Wave the Magic Wand

Wave the magic wand and find out from each family member what the most important thing is—if they could have what they want—in a new home.  Each person can only pick one “must have” thing, but this one thing will be quite telling of what’s most important to each family member. 

Regardless of what it is, parents will get a feel for something each kid can control, such as having a pink room, a new video game system, or their own computer work space.  If these wishes can be incorporated into your new space in any possible way, the kids will be excited about the move rather than dreading it.         

Tip 2: Pick a Song     

Have everyone vote on a theme song for your family and play it just before going house hunting.  Make sure the song is catchy and play it loud just before heading out.  Do your best to sing along and really rock out. 

On moving day, use that same song again as you pull up to the new home.  This will create a great memory of the experience.  Every time that song is played, a stronger bond will form as family members anticipate the coming events of the day. 

Also, every time that song is played after the move, the song will be tied to the memory of moving.  It will be a natural link that will create positive emotions around the move. 

Tip 3: Clip It In

Purchase a clipboard for every child that will be involved in the home search.  Clip in a mix of blank paper and lined paper and bring along an assortment of colorful pens, pencils and flair markers. 

Have kids make pro and con lists as they tour each home or draw a picture of a unique feature of the home or the same feature in every home.  This will occupy kids and provide interesting review items at the end of the day’s tour.  It will help you differentiate what you’ve seen, and the kids will be proud to offer this input.

The key is to prepare children for what lies ahead, and these tips can help make that journey easier and less stressful for any kids that are on the move into blended family life.

About the Guest Author: Vicki Harvey of Columbia, Maryland is with Long & Foster Real Estate and loves to help blended families find their perfect new home. Vicki understands that a new home is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together in a special space for the new family that is being born. She also loves to educate homeowners about maintenance and updates to ensure that the family continues to love their new space over the years! Questions, comments: .

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