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We serve more than 103 million individuals who are remarried, considering remarriage after divorce or widowhood, planning a second or subsequent wedding, or are involved in stepfamily life.

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Through our website, products, and community, we address the unique and often unspoken issues that remarrieds face daily. We purposefully and credibly cover the obstacles and opportunities specific to remarriage situations. And we inspire solutions related to merging finances and homes, dealing with the challenges of stepfamily living, bringing together two families—with or without children—plus family histories and routines, and more.

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About Bonnie Welch
Founder of RemarriageWorks.com

I thought my problems were solved once I found a dressmaker to design the perfect dress, decided where to seat my husband-to-be’s prior in-laws at the reception, and answered my sons’ inquiries as to why their dad could not attend the wedding celebration. Not so.

You know the word ‘change?’ Not as in "changing" what you are going to wear or seating arrangements, but as in dramatically changing the lives of seven people, aged 6 to 44, all at once in one house? No wedding planner, etiquette book, or well-meaning philosophical conversation with my fiancé, let alone a magazine, had prepared me for that.

–Bonnie Welch

Founder of RemarriageWorks.com

Based on her own experience of meeting the challenges that come with combining two families into one stepfamily of seven, Bonnie Welch decided to establish a resource that would have a positive impact on stepfamilies and remarried adults. She was determined to provide them with inspiration, hope, and practical solutions to increase their happiness and success.

So she founded Remarriage, LLC, and published reMarriage™ magazine, a now out-of-print resource offering information, hope, and humor to the millions of remarried couples. To bring practical solutions to even more people in the growing remarriage community, Bonnie created RemarriageWorks.com. Both efforts launched Bonnie into the forefront of the national stepfamily conversation. 

Now a trusted expert and advocate, Bonnie Welch frequently speaks, writes, and consults about stepfamily issues, and was the creator of a remarriage column in The Washington Times. She authored Journal for Stepmoms in December 2010. And, she enjoys helping remarrying brides (and grooms!) by hosting the Remarriage Showcase for Encore Brides around the country.

Bonnie has been a trusted media source in places, such as: The Washington Post, WomansDay.com, CNBC.com, msnMoney.com, Match.com, DivorceOnlineUtah.com, Erickson Tribune, SmartMoney.com, and the new Canadian tv show, Family Matters.

Bonnie lives in Maryland, where she works to balance her career and the unique demands of her blended home. She and her husband have five kids. Even their pets—Hunter the Golden Retriever and Buster the Miniature Pincer—have become canine siblings! She has also served on the board of directors of the MD chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and serves on the advisory board of the United States Blended Family Association.

Bonnie would love to hear from you! Contact her at .

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“Have I mentioned HOW MUCH I love your site?!?!? It's really cool. . . . I'm getting married to a man that has two kiddos, and it's quite a lifestyle change for me!” –M.M.

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