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Monday, July 12, 2010

Each week I’ll give you the “scoop” on the latest topics, products, and resources to help you create a more successful and happier remarriage and stepfamily life. After all, I think many of us are all still trying to figure it out.

For my first official Positively Paula “scoop,” I’d like to share some good news about resources to steer you down the path toward a successful remarriage and smoother stepfamily life. When I was researching everything remarriage and stepfamily in 2005 to launch my company Remarriage LLC, I would google the word remarriage, and the measly few pages that popped up were full of religious debates and fiery words about how I was going to burn in hell for getting divorced. It was this barren desert that inspired me to create something I couldn’t find—a go-to resource for remarriage.

 Today with the divorce rate being approximately 65 percent for second marriages (and add another 10 percent for each subsequent marriage), I think remarrieds need all of the resources they can get. Like the saying goes: It takes a village!

 I am absolutely thrilled to see additional divorce resources springing up. I’ve seen an increase in counselor and therapist pages, stepmom blogs, stepparenting fan pages on Facebook, stepfamily coaches who will coach from afar, and articles in the media on stepparenting topics. Even the website called The Knot has a second marriage section, albeit it’s a little difficult to find.

Like most remarrieds—especially those with children—who really has the time to dig through all of this? Valuable and useful resources still aren’t easy to locate; in fact, according to a RemarriageWorks.com survey, almost three in five (that’s 59 percent) of people responding claimed it’s easier to find a diet they could stick to than it is to find remarriage resources!

Our staff at RemarriageWorks and I would like to help. We can definitely relate to a busy, often chaotic, stepfamily life because, like many of you, many of us have stepfamilies. Let us help vet resources that make life easier for you. I’ll share those resources with you here on Positively Paula, plus cover topics that those of you who are stepmoms, stepdads, and remarried couples care about most: planning, relationships, self-growth, support, fun, family and friends, education, home life, and finances—no matter where you are on your remarriage journey.

 I’d love to hear how RemarriageWorks can positively affect your happily ever after! Let me know! 

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